What is a solid corner

What is a solid corner?

Thursday 28 June 2018, 1:20 pm

Solid corners in Cast-in gaskets, caused by traditional shot joining methods contribute to cracking and spalling of concrete segments. These can be difficult to detect at an early stage as they are often on the extrados of the ring and not seen but the result, often leaks, lead to costly repairs and delays.

During our recent visit to the World Tunnel Congress in Dubai, we exhibited our latest innovation in tunnel segment gaskets.

VIP introduced a major step forward in Cast-in gasket design. The patented* compliant compressible corner technology, which is already in use on a number of projects, delivers load performance along the entire perimeter of the gasket, greatly reducing the risk of segment cracking during installation.

In our video, filmed on location at WTC2018, Sales and Technical Director, Steve Casey explains what a solid corner looks like and how they can lead to segment cracking and spalling.
*(GB2541978 – International patent pending)


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