Umwelt Bundesamt Water Approval

VIP Polymers achieves approvals on compounds used within the drinking water network (German W270)

, 2:28 pm

VIP Polymers are proud to announce that they have recently achieved the latest stringent approvals for its moulding compounds to be used within the drinking water network.

More importantly, VIP Polymers have done so before the major changes which have been implemented by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umwelt Bundesamt) regarding any product used for potable water usage.

Potable Water

As VIP Polymers sells its products for use in Potable Water applications across Europe and worldwide there are many standards and approvals such as UK WRAS *, French ACS, Australian Watermark and German W270/KTW which are ever-changing that must be met.

The German water approval standards are undergoing huge changes which aim to increase the quality of their water supply to benefit the end-users and the environment.  The main part of this change that affects VIP Polymers is that of the rubber compound and the raw materials that go into the making of this.    As part of their ongoing improvements, they have summarised a list of changes based around the raw materials into what is currently known as Positive List 1 with the Umwelt Bundesamt Elastomer Guideline.

Part of these changes relates to the use of a common filler used in the manufacturing of rubber compounds known as Carbon black, which helps reinforce the rubber.  This process of using Carbon Black produces potentially harmful bi-products known as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s).  The new regulations require that the level of PAH’s used within the Carbon Black be at a lower level, to reduce the risk of PAH’s leeching into the consumer’s water network.

  • Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA)
    Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA)
    Recent changes in the scrutiny of what raw materials are used by the UBA has meant that VIP Polymers have had to adapt to the changes to achieve approval to continue supplying into the German market
  • An example of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Time Line
    Time Line
    Summary of timeline for transition to new regulation of elastomer guideline used for the german water approval system

The company has had to adapt to these changes to meet the recent renewals.  This has involved devising, testing and implementing new higher quality formulas which have then been tested externally and have met the following standards.

  • French ACS
  • German W270
  • Australian Watermark

A full list of all current standards which have been met can be found here

Gaining these approvals now has come at a perfect time especially when it comes to the German approvals.

At the end of 2021, anyone who has achieved these standards prior to these changes being made will have their test certificates invalidated.  As VIP Polymers has now met the rigorous criteria, it means that all of the products manufactured now meet the latest standards and can be freely supplied to the German market.

For further information about this or any other enquiries please contact VIP Polymers on +44 (0)1480 411333 or email

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