VIP-Weco Proline® System

The original permanent  NO-DIG hybrid liner system, using WRAS approved material and fully compliant with 

BS6920 / DWI Reg31 (4)(a)

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VIP-Weco Proline®

The VIP-Weco Proline® –original permanent NO-DIG hybrid liner system fully compliant with DWI Reg 31(4)(a)

The VIP-Weco Proline® system has been designed, tested and certified to be used in the rehabilitation of drinking water applications, offereing a safe, durable and lost-cost mechanical sealing solution.


Bespoke sealing solution, compliant with DWI Reg 31(4)(a)

What is a VIP-Weco Proline®️ NO DIG Hybrid Liner System?

VIP-Weco Proline®️ use WRAS approved material, comply fully with BS6920 / DWI Reg 31 (4)(a) and have a typical life expectancy of 100+ years.

During the installation process, rubber sleeves and a rubber lining made of EPDM or NBR coupounds are applied over the damaged are of the inner wall of the pipe.  Stainless steel sheeting is then placed over the sleeve and lining.  This is then held in place by stainless steel retaining bands allowing up to 20 bar of internal or up to 2.0 bar of external pressure.

Once the VIP-Weco Proline®️ is installed, a safe, durable and low-cost mechanical sealing solutions is achieved.

Advantages of the VIP-Weco Proline®️ system.

Completed VIP-Weco Proline® system Install 6

Damaged Section of  Pipe

5mm Rubber Sheet 

Weco Seals

Stainless Steel Sheet

Stainless Steel Tension Bands


Technical Specifications

Rubber Quality

  • EPDM for drinking water
  • EPDM for industrial water, waste water
  • NBR for gas, oil, Kerosene etc.

(EPDM – ethylene-propylene-diene rubber)

(NBR – acrylonitrile-butadiene rubber)

Shore Hardness

  • 70+/-5

Diameter Ranges

  • DN600 to DN3500

Pressure Ranges

  • up to 20 bar internal pipe pressure
  • 2.5 bar external pipe pressure

Clamping Bands / Lining Material

  • Made of stainless stel (e.g 1.4571, 14404 or 1.4301 for water, ewage, gas etc.) or carbon steel (e.g FE 590-2 for gas, oil, etc.) depending on operating conditions and special customer demands.

Material Tests

  • Material approvals and certificatates are available upon request.

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