VIP Tunnel Segment Gaskets Approved in Singapore

Tuesday 06 October 2015, 11:34 am

As part of the requirements stipulated by the Land Transport Authority, LTA, in Singapore VIP has undertaken and had independently witnessed a range of tests on its combined rubber and hydrophilic Tunnel Segment Gasket, TSG, that has been offered as not only meeting but exceeding the specifications set by LTA as part of the sealing requirements for the segmentally lined metro projects currently under construction in Singapore.

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The tests which were witnessed by the Singapore based SETSCO Services Pte Ltd, an independent inspection and test house company. The tests were undertaken on test rigs simulating the build of segmentally lined tunnels in a T and X configurations at the maximum gap and offsets specified with pressures of 25 bar being achieved without leakage.

In addition to the pressure tests outlined above tests were also undertaken on the hydrophilic material which demonstrated that it swelled in both un-saline and saline  conditions to the requirements specified by LTA.

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