VIP launch 16 bar DN600 self-restrained gaskets for C40 Ductile Iron Pipe

Thursday 10 September 2015, 3:16 pm

We are pleased to announce that following an extensive testing programme in accordance with EN545:2010, we can now offer self-restraining Tyton-SIT EXTRA gaskets for use at 16 bar operating pressures for DN450, DN500 & DN600 ductile iron pipes.

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Matthew Levitt, Technical Business Development Manager explained the importance of the successful test programme. “With international regulations dictating that the ductile iron pipe industry move towards lighter and thinner walled pipe, there was a clear opportunity to develop an alternative to costly and time consuming systems namely; externally restrained mechanical joints and thrust blocks. With Tyton-SIT EXTRA, installation times are typically reduced by around 70% and trench excavations are a fraction of the size compared with traditional concrete thrust block methods. In addition spoil disposal costs are totally eliminated”.


Tyton-SIT EXTRA are currently available in sizes DN450, DN500 & DN600 with sizes DN80-DN400 due to launch over the coming months following a successful test programme. The gaskets are WRAS, ACS and KTW approved and are fully compliant with the requirements of both BE6920 and DWI.

For further information, please contact Jim Shaw:


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