VIP bring innovation to the USA

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VIP-Polymers Ltd is bringing innovation to the upcoming RETC2019 exhibition which runs 16th-19th June with their patented Cast-in tunnel segment gaskets.

The compliant compressible corner technology has been used on a number of tunnelling projects since its launch in 2016, the most recent being the Thames Tideway wastewater tunnel in London, UK and has recently achieved nuclear compliance for the intake and outfall tunnels on the Hinckley Point C nuclear power station, also located in the UK.

The innovative design delivers consistent load performance along the entire perimeter of the gasket, greatly reducing risk of segment cracking during installation.

Matthew Levitt, VIP Technical Business Development Manager, said: “Our decision to enter the tunnelling market was driven by the desire to improve on common gasket manufacturing processes that created solid gasket corners which lead to corner point loading, often the cause of cracked and damaged segments.

“RETC2019 is the first time VIP have exhibited in the USA since WTC2016 prior to its launch and is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate to tunnelling professionals in the USA how the technology works and the benefits it can bring in terms of reducing the need for post installation repairs and the associated costs and delays they can bring.”

Along with their Cast-in gaskets, VIP will also exhibit their Glued-in and Hydrophilic profiles as well as a bespoke design service that they are able to offer clients.

Commenting on the service, Matthew Levitt explains: “VIP recognise that every tunnelling project is different and has its own unique sealing requirements.

For our most recent bespoke design, on the Mumbai Metro tunnel, we created a Glued-in profile which could maintain the working pressures at extended gasket offsets as the tunnel passed under a river while utilising the existing 24mm segment groove which used one of our standard Glued-in profiles for the remainder of the tunnel.”

VIP’s services don’t just stop at gasket manufacture and supply, which is one of the things they are keen to talk about with visitors during the exhibition.

Luke Nethercot, VIP Business Manager – Tunnels & Rail said: “We believe that VIP are more than just a gasket manufacturer and see ourselves as a sealing partner in tunnelling.”

“Our service and products are providing more than sealing solutions for tunnels. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice every step of the project from gasket design, to product training and installation.”

You can visit VIP on stand 937.

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