Another Step to Net Carbon Zero – Sustainable Packaging


Reducing Waste using sustainable packaging!

In a move to reduce VIP Polymers Carbon footprint, the company have invested in heavy-duty, reusable sustainable shipping crates, as a trial to remove the need for Cardboard packaging and plastic wrap.

The increased cost / initial outlay for these shipping crates is balanced out by the numerous benefits they offer to both VIP Polymers and the client.

Being a modular design, each crate is stored flat, meaning there is no additional space needed to store the cartons when not in use.  Stacked flat these cartons take up the same floor space as the same number of regular pallets.

The robust design of these crates allows for regular reuse with minimum fear of collapse or damage to the packaging during inclement weather unlike the use of cardboard.

Once built up, each of the crates can be stacked securely allowing for easy storage and movement of multiple pallets at any given time.  Being rigid there is another key benefit which is the fact there is less likelihood of damaged goods in transit/storage, which has always been an issue and is a key area which as a company we are looking to reduce/eradicate.

A benefit to the customer that has become apparent during the winter months is the ability to unload the crates and leave them outside whilst warehouse staff work to create space for the shipment.  This is something that just can’t be done with the current cardboard cartons, which once damp lose their integrity and ability to store neatly.

The plan for VIP Polymers is to trial this with several key accounts, where we are delivering orders weekly, which allows for stocked crates to be delivered and flat packed used crates to be collected ready to be reused for the next shipment.  Should these trials prove positive and the feedback we receive not only from the customer but also the transport company and internally with our warehouse and production team is all positive, VIP Polymers will look to invest in more

By reducing the use of single-use cardboard, that once delivered to the customer has no way to be traced in terms of the recycling process and less reliance on pallet wrap to secure each pallet, along with the reduction in damage in transit claims we hope that this small change can have a larger impact into the overall goal to become Net Carbon Zero.

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