Rubber Mouldings & Extrusions

VIP-Polymers has extensive manufacturing capabilities for Injection and Compression moulding. Our service covers tooling design, production of samples for approval and manufacturing process using a variety of compounds mixed in-house.

With manufacturing operations of over 150,000 sq. ft., VIP-Polymers is a leading supplier of specialised industrial seals and engineered rubber products for small to high volume requirements.

We have multiple Injection moulding presses from small up to 630 ton capacity, and compression moulding presses up to 500 ton capacity.

In addition, we have a range of transfer moulding, strip moulding and joining presses.



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VIP-Polymers has modern Research & Development laboratories for development of engineered rubber materials to meet the most demanding performance specifications.

Specific rubber materials are formulated and tested in VIP-Polymers onsite laboratories for all products. Test samples are taken from all production runs and subjected to stringent quality testing to ensure compliance with specifications.

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VIP-Polymers has its own operations for Rubber Compounding for manufacturing rubber materials. Raw virgin natural rubbers are supplied directly from traditional countries in the Far East such as Malaysia and Indonesia. These natural virgin materials and other ingredients are processed under computer control into specified rubber formulations to meet product requirements.

VIP-Polymers also has continuous vulcanisation extrusion facilities with and specialised jointing presses.

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