Rail Support Products

VIP-Polymers have been supplying track support products to the rail industry for many years.

Manufactured in a variety of natural and synthetic elastomers, VIP-Polymers rail pads are designed to withstand the most demanding operating environments. VIP-Polymer rail pads offer the following benefits:

Dramatically Improved

  • Impact Attenuation
  • Noise Suppression
  • Passenger Comfort
  • Track Life
  • Ballast Life

Rail Track Med Res

VIP-Polymers in a joint initiative with a major world producer of rail track fastening systems analysed and developed a resilient pad concept to protect concrete rail sleepers from damage caused by the dynamic forces of passing trains.

The result was the patented studded rail pad.

Over 90 Million of these rail pads are now used successfully Worldwide, including, Canada, Australia, Norway, Sweden, Denmark, Belgium, France,  Lithuania, Hong Kong, Japan and Korea.


Railpad Distribution


The combination of studded design and specially formulated rubber compound gives the patented rail pads a unique high resilience and abrasion resistance.

Their superiority to those manufactured from other materials has been proven by their ability to reduce dynamic forces by up to 65%, which is a crucial consideration for railway systems worldwide as they adopt higher speeds and greater axle loads.


Other Rail Products:

VIP-Polymers also manufacture a range of ancillary rail support products designed to either compliment the benefits of rail pads or for applications where further noise suppression and impact attenuation are required.

These products include:

  • Sleeper Boot Pads
  • Sleeper Pads
  • Baseplate Pads
  • Rail pads made from Dual Composite Polymers


Rail & Support Pads

  • Rail support pads available in rubber and composite materials
  • Rail products suitable for use on concrete sleepers and slab
  • Over 40 years of experience in supplying the rail industry

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