VIP Polymers can supply a full range of accessories to aid the installations of our seals.

All of our accessories have been tried and tested with our products a meet or exceed industry standards.


VIP can recommend a number of approved adhesive suppliers for the application of glued-in gaskets onto the segment. If required, we can also arrange the supply of the adhesive.

tunnel segment gasket adhesive


VIP recommends applying lubricant to the surface of the gasket during segment installation to assist the segments in sliding into place.

This process reduces the friction between gaskets, ensuring corner positioning and reducing the risk of gaskets moving or pinching during installation which can potentially affect their performance. We can recommend and supply an appropriate WRC-approved lubricant.

tunnel segment gasket lubricant


TSGs should be stored in the same conditions as for most elastomeric products and ideally in accordance with ISO 2230:2002 (rubber products guidelines for storage). VIP can supply details upon request.

tunnel segment gasket storage


VIP operates a quality system, which is approved to ISO 9001 standard and certified by BSi. We are renowned in the seal and gasket industry for the high quality of all of our products, and our approach to quality extends to TSGs.

tunnel segment gasket quality


  • VIP operates to ISO 9001 standard, certified by BSi.
  • Applying lubricant reduces friction between the gaskets during installation.
  • VIP can recommend approved adhesive suppliers.