VIP’s laboratory and quality team undertake various tests and inspections throughout the manufacturing process of our TSGs.

These tests provide assurance that our products are produced to the highest standard and perform as expected.

Tests are undertaken on both the uncured rubber compound prior to manufacture with further tests on the final extruded product which check for:

  • Rheometry
  • Hardness
  • Tensile strength
  • Elongation
  • Compression set
  • Dimensional checks
  • Stress relaxation

Completed gaskets are finally checked on specially designed jigs to ensure they are the correct dimensions for the corresponding segment shape.

Tunnel Segment Gasket Product Testing

Tests Designed to Replicate Real World Applications

Gaskets are also tested at our UK headquarters in specially designed test rigs, which replicate the build of a segment ring in order to measure their performance.

VIP undertake a range of tests using T & X rig testing in order to replicate closure forces and pressures experienced both during the tunnel build and throughout the service life of a tunnel.

Pressure testing is undertaken at maximum and minimum gaps, and zero-to-maximum offset / deflection.

This replicates the gaps and displacements that occur between segments either as a result of building tolerances, changes in direction of the tunnel or due to the effects of ground movement.

Tunnel Segment Gasket Pressure Test with No Offset
Pressure test With No Offset
Tunnel Segment Gasket Pressure Test with Offset
Pressure test With Offset



Typical Pressure Curve

Diagram showing typical pressure curve

Typical Load Deflection Curve

Diagram showing typical load deflection curve

Benefits of products:

  • Our in-house laboratory undertake tests both to the rubber compound prior to manufacture and also the final product
  • Pressure and load deflection tests are designed replicate real world applications