VIP-Polymers manufacture a wide range of seals for smooth wall and corrugated plastic pipes for both drinking and dirty water applications.

Twinwall Corrugated Pipe

Unlike with most other pipe materials, there is currently no international standard for defining the shape of the groove in Structured Wall Pipes (SWP). Over many years, we have built up a comprehensive catalogue of different sealing profiles and can now offer solutions off the shelf to suit most groove configurations. Where we don’t have a seal to fit, we can make one!

Why choose our Twin Wall pipe gaskets?

  • Speed to market; Our in house design team can develop seal designs in a matter of days using CAD, FEA and finally by proving the design with physical tests in our dedicated high and low pressure test laboratories.
  • Quality Assurance; All our rubber is developed and mixed in-house
  • Our manufacturing facilities are all ISO 9001 approved and Kitemarked to EN 681-1
  • Ease and speed of installation; Where possible, our seals are symmetrical and are designed with ease of installation foremost in our thoughts.
  • Moulded or extruded solutions are available.

Sample Sealing Profiles for Corrugated Pipes


Stages in the SWP sealing process:

  1. Drawings received from a customer of the pipe groove and bell.
  2. If no existing seal is suitable, we will design and make an offer based on supplied annual volume information.
  3. Once the design is agreed and tested using FEA, we will perform physical tests on the pipe and bell supplied by the customer.
  4. After the testing programme is complete, the customer approves the seal design.
589-PRT-009 (2)


PVC Pressure pipe for potable water

We make seals to customers; specific requirements include locked-in seals incorporating our proprietary Viploc™ design. This features a locking ring which holds the seal in a groove within the pipe. The pipe is belled over the seal during production with no chance of the seal becoming dislodged during assembly.


Bonded seal

At VIP-Polymers, we have developed a unique method for bonding elastomeric seals to thermoplastics. The result is a system that greatly facilitates the fitting of the seal to the pipe or connector.

Connector Seals

We provide a large standard range of connector seals for jointing SWP and other pipes to concrete pipes and manholes. If we don’t have the size you need, we can design and make it!

Side Entry Seal Corrugated Side Entry Concrete Clay Plastic


ISO 3302-1:2014. Specifies classes of dimensional tolerances and their values for moulded, extruded and calendared solid rubber products.

BS EN 681-1. Elastomeric seals. Material requirements for pipe joint seals in water and drainage applications.

BS ISO 2230:2002. Rubber products. Guidelines for storage.

Benefits of products:

  • Our seals are suitable for both mains and drainage applications
  • Numerous approvals for both water and gas application
  • In-house facilities for bonding rubber to plastic