Marcus achieves Chartered Chemist qualification

, 9:21 am

VIP Polymers resident chemist, Marcus Harrison, was awarded Charted Chemist status from the Royal Society of Chemistry last month. This accolade was not without its work and patience, the 3-year journey saw Marcus climb up the membership ranks in the Royal Society of Chemistry before undergoing a specialised program to achieve his chartered status.

The now, CChem had to prove his personal development at with a portfolio of evidence which had to meet certain criteria, including proof of experience and essays. He was then analysed by a panel of experts which saw him interviewed and critiqued on his understanding of his field.

This newly obtained status not only means that Marcus has a new title to his name, but it also gives VIP Polymers’ customers confidence in the compound they are producing and the research and development that goes into every product VIP Polymers manufactures. The fact VIP has their own laboratory team, which Marcus manages, sets them apart from the competition and gives them a unique selling point as they have the expertise and capacity to tailor compounds to customer needs and project specifications.

Having worked for VIP Polymers for 5 years, Marcus has gone from strength to strength within this career and he has no plans to slow down. He is now working towards being a Charted Environmentalist, another lengthy process which will test his experience and knowledge.  This will also expand VIP’s ability to be more sustainable from an environmental point of view. For now, he will focus on his work and getting the best results out the products whilst maintaining his chartered status and working towards new ones.

VIP Polymers congratulates Marcus on his achievement and hopes to continue supporting his, and every employee, with their professional development in order to broaden their knowledge and give the company a competitive industry edge.

To learn more about the process to achieve Chartered Chemist status from the Royal Society of Chemistry click here.

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