VIP Polymers Christmas Shutdown.

VIP Christmas

Christmas is here once again!  It’s that time of the year, where we all kick off our work shoes/boots and spend time with friends and family, drinking and eating way too much.

This is no different for the VIP team who will be ready to relax for Christmas from 4.30pm Thursday 23rd December until 8.00amTuesday 4th January.


The whole team at VIP Polymers would like to wish all our customers, friends and associates a very Merry Christmas and a Happy New Year.  We appreciate all your support in what has once again been a difficult year and we are looking forward to an exciting and prosperous 2022.

A move to 100% EV Company Cars


The Future is EV and for a good reason!

Company Cars are VIP’s biggest producer of carbon, far exceeding almost all other aspects of the company, in the past 5 years VIP Polymers have been moving away from the standard Diesel and Petrol company cars and replacing these with Plugin Hybrids to help reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Recently the company took a commercial decision to phase out all Diesel, Petrol and Hybrid company vehicles and replace them with 100% EV carbon-neutral models.

The first of the changes happened at the end of November when we replaced a VW Passat Plug-In Hybrid with the lasted generation of the BMW iX3 100% EV producing 0g/KM emissions.

Over the next 12 months, further cars will be replaced with fully electric models when their contracts end.  Future-proofing this move we have added 4 EV charging points and marked these out for the use of Electric vehicles only.



The reason for this commercial decision is to help half the Carbon footprint of the company cars over the next 5 years this is in line with a number of other changes which have already been implemented and changes that are in development.

For further information regards our Carbon Footprint and how we are looking to reduce our impact on the environment contact the QEHS team or speak to your sales contact.

VIP Polymers are proud to announce that they have recently achieved the latest stringent approvals for its moulding compounds to be used within the drinking water network.

More importantly, VIP Polymers have done so before the major changes which have been implemented by the German Federal Environment Agency (Umwelt Bundesamt) regarding any product used for potable water usage.

Potable Water

As VIP Polymers sells its products for use in Potable Water applications across Europe and worldwide there are many standards and approvals such as UK WRAS *, French ACS, Australian Watermark and German W270/KTW which are ever-changing that must be met.

The German water approval standards are undergoing huge changes which aim to increase the quality of their water supply to benefit the end-users and the environment.  The main part of this change that affects VIP Polymers is that of the rubber compound and the raw materials that go into the making of this.    As part of their ongoing improvements, they have summarised a list of changes based around the raw materials into what is currently known as Positive List 1 with the Umwelt Bundesamt Elastomer Guideline.

Part of these changes relates to the use of a common filler used in the manufacturing of rubber compounds known as Carbon black, which helps reinforce the rubber.  This process of using Carbon Black produces potentially harmful bi-products known as Polycyclic Aromatic Hydrocarbons (PAH’s).  The new regulations require that the level of PAH’s used within the Carbon Black be at a lower level, to reduce the risk of PAH’s leeching into the consumer’s water network.

  • Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA)
    Umwelt Bundesamt (UBA)
    Recent changes in the scrutiny of what raw materials are used by the UBA has meant that VIP Polymers have had to adapt to the changes to achieve approval to continue supplying into the German market
  • An example of a polycyclic aromatic hydrocarbon
  • Time Line
    Time Line
    Summary of timeline for transition to new regulation of elastomer guideline used for the german water approval system

The company has had to adapt to these changes to meet the recent renewals.  This has involved devising, testing and implementing new higher quality formulas which have then been tested externally and have met the following standards.

  • French ACS
  • German W270
  • Australian Watermark

A full list of all current standards which have been met can be found here

Gaining these approvals now has come at a perfect time especially when it comes to the German approvals.

At the end of 2021, anyone who has achieved these standards prior to these changes being made will have their test certificates invalidated.  As VIP Polymers has now met the rigorous criteria, it means that all of the products manufactured now meet the latest standards and can be freely supplied to the German market.

For further information about this or any other enquiries please contact VIP Polymers on +44 (0)1480 411333 or email

Marcus achieves Chartered Chemist qualification

VIP Polymers resident chemist, Marcus Harrison, was awarded Charted Chemist status from the Royal Society of Chemistry last month. This accolade was not without its work and patience, the 3-year journey saw Marcus climb up the membership ranks in the Royal Society of Chemistry before undergoing a specialised program to achieve his chartered status.

The now, CChem had to prove his personal development at with a portfolio of evidence which had to meet certain criteria, including proof of experience and essays. He was then analysed by a panel of experts which saw him interviewed and critiqued on his understanding of his field.

This newly obtained status not only means that Marcus has a new title to his name, but it also gives VIP Polymers’ customers confidence in the compound they are producing and the research and development that goes into every product VIP Polymers manufactures. The fact VIP has their own laboratory team, which Marcus manages, sets them apart from the competition and gives them a unique selling point as they have the expertise and capacity to tailor compounds to customer needs and project specifications.

Having worked for VIP Polymers for 5 years, Marcus has gone from strength to strength within this career and he has no plans to slow down. He is now working towards being a Charted Environmentalist, another lengthy process which will test his experience and knowledge.  This will also expand VIP’s ability to be more sustainable from an environmental point of view. For now, he will focus on his work and getting the best results out the products whilst maintaining his chartered status and working towards new ones.

VIP Polymers congratulates Marcus on his achievement and hopes to continue supporting his, and every employee, with their professional development in order to broaden their knowledge and give the company a competitive industry edge.

To learn more about the process to achieve Chartered Chemist status from the Royal Society of Chemistry click here.

Click here to contact us about any enquiry you have, we are always happy to help.


VIP bring innovation to the USA

VIP-Polymers Ltd is bringing innovation to the upcoming RETC2019 exhibition which runs 16th-19th June with their patented Cast-in tunnel segment gaskets.

The compliant compressible corner technology has been used on a number of tunnelling projects since its launch in 2016, the most recent being the Thames Tideway wastewater tunnel in London, UK and has recently achieved nuclear compliance for the intake and outfall tunnels on the Hinckley Point C nuclear power station, also located in the UK.

The innovative design delivers consistent load performance along the entire perimeter of the gasket, greatly reducing risk of segment cracking during installation.

Matthew Levitt, VIP Technical Business Development Manager, said: “Our decision to enter the tunnelling market was driven by the desire to improve on common gasket manufacturing processes that created solid gasket corners which lead to corner point loading, often the cause of cracked and damaged segments.

“RETC2019 is the first time VIP have exhibited in the USA since WTC2016 prior to its launch and is a great opportunity for us to demonstrate to tunnelling professionals in the USA how the technology works and the benefits it can bring in terms of reducing the need for post installation repairs and the associated costs and delays they can bring.”

Along with their Cast-in gaskets, VIP will also exhibit their Glued-in and Hydrophilic profiles as well as a bespoke design service that they are able to offer clients.

Commenting on the service, Matthew Levitt explains: “VIP recognise that every tunnelling project is different and has its own unique sealing requirements.

For our most recent bespoke design, on the Mumbai Metro tunnel, we created a Glued-in profile which could maintain the working pressures at extended gasket offsets as the tunnel passed under a river while utilising the existing 24mm segment groove which used one of our standard Glued-in profiles for the remainder of the tunnel.”

VIP’s services don’t just stop at gasket manufacture and supply, which is one of the things they are keen to talk about with visitors during the exhibition.

Luke Nethercot, VIP Business Manager – Tunnels & Rail said: “We believe that VIP are more than just a gasket manufacturer and see ourselves as a sealing partner in tunnelling.”

“Our service and products are providing more than sealing solutions for tunnels. We pride ourselves on providing expert advice every step of the project from gasket design, to product training and installation.”

You can visit VIP on stand 937.

VIP to exhibit at the No-Dig Roadshow

VIP will be exhibiting at 2 events on the 2019 No-Dig Roadshow. The events, aimed at those involved or interested in trenchless technology comprise of technical seminars with a program full of presentations on the latest techniques along with case study papers, compiled by the UKSTT.

It’s also a great opportunity for those involved in the trenchless industry to network with suppliers and peers alike.The first stop on the tour is at Ballsbridge Hotel in Dublin on March the 14th with the second venue in Glasgow on June 6th (venue TBC).

VIP will be showcasing the VIP-Weco no-dig repair seal at both events. VIP’s manned entry mechanical repair seal has been used worldwide for the trenchless rehabilitation of pipes and sewers for industrial water, drinking water, waste water and fuel and gas.

Manufactured from EPDM or Nitrile rubber, VIP-Weco is available in a number of configurations which allows it to withstand internal pressures up to 20 bar and external up to 2 bar.

With installation times under an hour per seal, VIP-Weco is available in sizes up to DN3500 and is suitable for all pipe materials, making it the ultimate trenchless repair seal.

Attending the exhibition will be Paul Green and Jim Shaw, Business Development Director and Manager respectively for VIP.

Speaking of the upcoming events, Jim Shaw said, “the VIP-Weco is the perfect repair seal in instances where there is localised damage or where ground movement has caused pipe joints to separate.

The versatility of the seal means it can be used for a wide range of applications and its ease of use makes it the perfect choice for installation in manned entry situations and also as a liner end seal.

Attending the roadshows allows those involved in the industry to get a close-up look at the product and find out how it can be used for any upcoming projects they may have.”

You can visit VIP on stand 41. For more information or to book your ticket, visit the No-Dig Live website.

VIP launch German VIPSeal® website

VIP Polymers Ltd has launched a dedicated German language website to promote its VIPSeal® range of flexible pipe couplings.

The bespoke website was developed to support the VIPSeal® distribution centre based in Germany and reflects the growing demand for VIPSeal® products in Germany and other German-speaking territories on the Continent.

VIP Commercial Director Jon Crean said: “The launch of our new German VIPSeal® website reflects our plans and supports our German distribution centre.

In particular, it reflects the growing number of customers our VIPSeal® range is attracting in Germany.

As in the UK, German stockists value the opportunity to promote the high quality of VIPSeal® couplings, backed by the assurance that comes from the product being designed, tested, and manufactured to global standards by a single supplier.

We have designed our German language website to be a valuable marketing resource for our growing network of stockists in Germany and other German-speaking areas.

It will also allow us to promote the benefits of VIPSeal® pipe couplings directly to end-use customers, and help us put them in touch with local agents who can supply them quickly and efficiently with our products.”

VIPSeal® flexible couplings are designed for joining and repairing low-pressure and non-pressured pipes of any material and size combination.

VIP has end-to-end control of VIPSeal® product design and manufacture, a process that drives high levels of innovation, and underpins its adherence to exacting industry standards.

All VIPSeal® couplings are designed and manufactured by VIP in Huntingdon, Cambridgeshire, UK, using high quality rubber formulated and compounded on the same site.

The new German-language website showcases all couplings available in the VIPSeal® range including VIPSealChem.

The distinctive green VIPSealChem flexible couplings are manufactured to and designed to the requirements of both EN681-1 & EN682 and tested to EN295-4, and can be fitted in precisely the same way as standard VIPSeal® couplings, overcoming significant installation limitations found with other chemical resistant seals currently on the market.

To view the new German language VIPSeal® website go to

VIP continues support for Dreamdrops

In lieu of sending out Christmas cards to customers and suppliers this Christmas, VIP made a donation to the local children’s charity Dreamdrops, who fundraise for Cambridgeshire Community Services NHS Trust’s Holly Ward and Special Care Baby Unit (SCBU) at Hinchingbrooke Hospital as well as supporting the Trust’s community children’s services in and around the Huntingdon area.

Dreamdrops was set up with the aim of raising money to buy all those little, and large, extras that are not covered by NHS public funds but which make a hospital stay more comfortable, or less stressful, for children and their families.

Dreamdrops are currently fundraising to provide a ‘Calm Room’ in the Children’s Outpatients Reception, a portable 3D Pain Distraction Unit for children admitted to A&E as well as other items including toys and books to be used within the wards and for nursing in the community.

VIP is committed to supporting and developing the local community and Dreamdrops is a local charity that makes a real difference to children’s lives at a time when they need it most.

Dreamdrops Chairman, Anne-Marie Hamilton said “It really is so kind of everyone at VIP-Polymers to think of us again, this year. Thank you all very much. Being supported in this way by a local company means a great deal to us.”

To find out more about the charity or to make a donation, visit their site

Does Size Matter?

Jon Crean, Commercial Director at VIP-Polymers Ltd, manufacturers of VIPSeal® flexible couplings and adaptors, discusses the applications for flexible couplings and the questions merchants should be asking customers in the September 2018 issue of Builders Merchant News Magazine.


On first impressions, flexible couplings are relatively standard products for a standard application. Designed to join pipes of differing sizes and materials for low and non-pressurised drainage applications, the most likely question on merchants minds will be to ask the customer ‘what size pipes are you joining?’

Specifying the correct coupling is a relatively straight forward process and while size does matter with regards to selecting the correct size coupling, it is one of a number of questions merchants should be asking their customers.


Understanding the application of where it will be used is the most important piece of information when selecting the correct coupling for the customer’s needs.

The location of the pipe joint will determine which product category the coupling is selected from.

Regulations vary depending on whether the work takes place inside or outside of the building curtilage or is in a non-adopted drainage scheme. Work which takes place outside of the building curtilage and is located within an adopted area, i.e pipe system will be adopted by a Water Company requires the use of products certified to WIS 4-41-01.

This dictates that a standard coupling must be used as they have a shear band, which can withstand higher pressures, protect against shear loads / deflection and is also suitable for shear and deflection situations under a negative pressure or vacuum. E.g pumped system.

VIPSeal® Standard Coupling

As couplings with shear bands are required for adoptable schemes, a bush is required alongside a standard coupling when joining pipes with a large difference in diameter.

For applications within the building curtilage that do not require resistance against shear loads, drain couplings and adaptor couplings provide a more cost effective solution.

The medium that will be transported through the pipe and the operating temperatures are important questions as they determine which material should be selected for the coupling in order to maximise the life of the connection.

Different rubber materials have different levels of resistance to chemicals and temperatures. It is important to ask the constant working temperature (CWT) as while most rubbers have stated working temperature ranges, the upper and lower limits usually refer to intermittent exposure. Long exposure to these temperatures can severely reduce the service life of the seal.

Sealing Force Retention

A fundamental property of a gasket is what is at risk when the correct material isn’t selected for the correct application. For any seal to work it must be energised (in the case of VIPSeal®, tension bands are tightened). The industry standard BS EN681-1 stipulates the compression set and stress relaxation of a seal. VIP was the first in the industry to obtain this in 1987 and have decade’s worth of data to support the effectiveness of our materials to retain their sealing force over-time.

A seal with good compression set will recover to almost its original shape when the load is removed. When under load, the seal must retain the energy that is built up within it. Seals with good stress relaxation will retain this energy.

Material Selection

In the majority of drainage applications, foul water and sewerage will commonly travel through a drainage pipe and extreme temperatures will not be experienced.

VIPSeal® flexible couplings are manufactured from high grade, sulphur cured EPDM rubber as standard. Sulphur cured EPDM has a resistance to a relatively high range of chemicals (typically found in drainage systems) and has a service range at constant temperatures between -10°C and 60°C.

However in industrial applications where aggressive chemicals or extreme temperatures will be experienced, the correct material needs to be selected. VIPSeal’s latest addition VIPSealChem is manufactured from FKM rubber which is resistant to a wide range of chemicals and extreme temperatures (-15°C to 200°C).


VIPSealChem Flexible Couplings

For applications exposed to mineral oils, fats and greases, Nitrile rubber (NBR) becomes the preferred choice. Where temperatures rise above 60°C but the application does not require the chemical resistance of FKM, a peroxide curing stage can be applied to EPDM (CWT to 125°C) and Nitrile (CWT to 100°C) couplings, providing a more cost effective solution.

It’s not only the rubber sleeve that can be made from different materials to suite different applications. Tension and shear bands are manufactured from 1.4301 (304) grade stainless steel which provides optimum resistance in most soil conditions. For higher corrosion, contaminated ground areas, or marine environments, grade 1.4401 (316) stainless steel should be specified.

Some flexible couplings are available in flexible PVC for plumbing applications. While they can provide a low cost solution, they do not have the same compressions set and stress relaxation properties or temperature resistance (max 38°C CWT) as rubber. Therefore they should only be used for internal, above ground applications where there is access to tighten the tension bands periodically over time.

The Right Tool for the Job

The standard VIPSeal® range will be suitable for most residential drainage applications, however if merchants are aware of the factors that affect material selection, they will be better placed to advise customers on the products that are most suitable for the application, ensuring a leak free joint that will exceed the service life of the pipe.

The team at VIP are always on hand to provide advice on the best material for the application and can also provide training either at their Huntingdon HQ or in branch with merchants, giving them the confidence to deal with any drainage enquiry. So while size is important when selecting the correct flexible coupling, it’s what you’re doing with it that matters.

Discover how VIP’s patented Cast-in gasket will benefit your project at BTS 2018

VIP are looking forward to exhibiting at this year’s BTS 2018 conference and Exhibition. The biannual event is held at the Queen Elizabeth Centre, Westminster, London for two days on the 9th and 10th October.

The event which is hosted by the British Tunnelling Society combines a two day conference with the UK’s largest tunnelling and underground space exhibition. VIP will be showcasing our full range of tunnel segment gasket profiles including glued-in, hydrophilic and our patented cast-in gasket which is designed to eliminate corner point loading, often the cause of cracking and spalling of concrete segments.

The gasket has been used successfully in the Glasgow Shieldhall waste water tunnel and is being used extensively throughout the Thames Tideway project and you can learn of the benefits that it can bring your project first hand by speaking with Sales Director, Steve Casey, and Business Development Manager, Matthew Levitt who will be present throughout the event.

You can visit us on stand B22. For more information and to book your ticket, visit the BTS Conference 2018 website.