Happy Retirement

KEVIN Retirement

We bid a fond farewell after 31 years of service.

From all, at VIP-Polymers we would like to wish Kevin a very happy retirement and thank him for the many years of service that he has given to the company.

Kevin joined VIP back on the 5th August 1991 as a Shift Supervisor and role which he continued until April 1999 when he took up the role of Production Schedule Controller where he remained until his retirement.

Kevin has been a huge asset to the company and to the Production team and will be missed.  We wish Kevin a happy and well deserved retirement.

Investing in the future.

VIP Investing in the Future

VIP-Polymers are close to celebrating 100 years of manufacturing rubber seals, gaskets, and flexible couplings. Established in the UK back in 1923 VIP-Polymers there have been some huge changes in the industry which have meant that the company have had to adapt and develop to continue being a leader in the industry. The main thing to take note of is its British heritage and manufacturing has been at the core of the business and will continue to do so.

In the past 12 months, VIP-Polymers have invested heavily in the development and future-proofing of the company allowing them to continue being one of the leading rubber gaskets, seals, and flexible coupling manufacturers in the market.

The investment has been across all aspects of the company not just in new machinery but also in staff, product lines and more.

A program of updating the current machinery is already underway, with new machines being added to the factory floor, to either help increase production capacity, or streamline the production process.

The VIPSeal® Brand has also seen some major changes in the past 6 months with the addition of Jon Hunt and Lee Davies working alongside John Atkinson as area sales managers for the whole of the UK. With the increase in sales managers, the company has been able to split the areas into much more manageable journeys allowing the sales team to spend more time developing existing and new relationships in their local areas with merchants and distributors alike.

Another major part of the future of VIP-Polymers is how to reduce its carbon footprint and become a more sustainable business. This is difficult when your whole business revolves around the manufacturing of rubber products, but steps have already been put into place to help reduce the company’s carbon footprint, and a 5-year action plan has already been implemented.

One of the initial changes was replacing all the old lighting in the factory with new low-energy LED lighting, this has not only reduced electricity usage but has made for a lighter environment for the workforce.

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The company has already taken delivery of two new Full EV cars, and it is expected that by QTR3 2023 all company cars run by VIP-Polymers will be fully electric, this includes the VIPSeal Sales team who travel right across the UK daily. In anticipation of the increase in EV vehicles 4 charging ports have been installed outside the factory and offices.



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VIP-Polymers in-house laboratory team are constantly pushing the boundaries of rubber compounds, and one of the main objectives for the team is to look at new compounds that are more sustainable, and easy to recycle, but still offer the same high standards that are needed and expected of from seals, couplings, and gaskets.

VIP-Polymers are proud to be 100% British Owned and funded with all research, design, development, and manufacturing being completed at their Cambridgeshire headquarters.

To learn more about the company – www.vip-polymers.com / www.vipseal.co.uk / sales@vip-polymers.com / +44(0)1480 411 333

Exciting Changes for the VIPSeal® Team


We are excited to announce that the VIPSeal® team has grown, John Atkinson has now been joined by Lee Davies and Jon Hunt to bolster our growing sales team.

With the introduction of Lee and Jon, we have also had a look at the areas each of the team will manageVIPSeal Regions

VIPSeal Area Sales Manager Regions

John Atkinson

John Atkinson will now be looking after our AREA1 Region covering the following postcodes/areas


Lee Davies

Lee Davies will be looking after AREA2 which covers


Jon Hunt

Jon Hunt will be managing AREA3 which covers


So what does this mean for you?  

Essentially splitting the areas into postcodes allows us to focus on spending more time developing meaningful and lasting relationships with current and new customers.

Being able to work in smaller regions means we can get around to see more of you, more frequently so any stock requirements or issues can be dealt with quickly and efficiently.

Supporting our sales managers back at the offices are Kim Turner our Customer Service Manager and Robert Ibbetson – Customer Services VIPSeal®

For more information or to discuss any requirements, you can contact us on the below contact details.

John Atkinson – john.atkinson@vip-polymers.com

Lee Davies – lee.davies@vip-polymers.com

Jon Hunt – jon.hunt@vip-polymers.com

Sales – sales@vipseal.co.uk  – +44(0)800 334 5547

Orders – orders@vip-polymers.com

IFAT 2022 – May 30th – June 3rd



After 4 years, IFAT is back, and VIP-Polymers are excited to be exhibiting once again.

We will be exhibiting our full range of VIPSeal Products including our new VIPSeal Plumbing range, alongside our latest innovation the VIP-TYTON SIT VIPER Seals and VIP-Weco Trenchless repair seals.


We would like to invite you to meet the team, have a chat and learn more about of range of products – we will be in Hall B3 stand 110.  Contact our sales team or your VIP Contact for further information about IFAT 2022 or to arrange a meeting with our team.

We look forward to welcoming you to IFAT.


Another Step to Net Carbon Zero – Sustainable Packaging


Reducing Waste using sustainable packaging!

In a move to reduce VIP Polymers Carbon footprint, the company have invested in heavy-duty, reusable sustainable shipping crates, as a trial to remove the need for Cardboard packaging and plastic wrap.

The increased cost / initial outlay for these shipping crates is balanced out by the numerous benefits they offer to both VIP Polymers and the client.

Being a modular design, each crate is stored flat, meaning there is no additional space needed to store the cartons when not in use.  Stacked flat these cartons take up the same floor space as the same number of regular pallets.

The robust design of these crates allows for regular reuse with minimum fear of collapse or damage to the packaging during inclement weather unlike the use of cardboard.

Once built up, each of the crates can be stacked securely allowing for easy storage and movement of multiple pallets at any given time.  Being rigid there is another key benefit which is the fact there is less likelihood of damaged goods in transit/storage, which has always been an issue and is a key area which as a company we are looking to reduce/eradicate.

A benefit to the customer that has become apparent during the winter months is the ability to unload the crates and leave them outside whilst warehouse staff work to create space for the shipment.  This is something that just can’t be done with the current cardboard cartons, which once damp lose their integrity and ability to store neatly.

The plan for VIP Polymers is to trial this with several key accounts, where we are delivering orders weekly, which allows for stocked crates to be delivered and flat packed used crates to be collected ready to be reused for the next shipment.  Should these trials prove positive and the feedback we receive not only from the customer but also the transport company and internally with our warehouse and production team is all positive, VIP Polymers will look to invest in more

By reducing the use of single-use cardboard, that once delivered to the customer has no way to be traced in terms of the recycling process and less reliance on pallet wrap to secure each pallet, along with the reduction in damage in transit claims we hope that this small change can have a larger impact into the overall goal to become Net Carbon Zero.

Learn more about our change to EV Company Cars and The changes to the factory lighting.

A move to 100% EV Company Cars


The Future is EV and for a good reason!

Company Cars are VIP’s biggest producer of carbon, far exceeding almost all other aspects of the company, in the past 5 years VIP Polymers have been moving away from the standard Diesel and Petrol company cars and replacing these with Plugin Hybrids to help reduce our Carbon Footprint.

Recently the company took a commercial decision to phase out all Diesel, Petrol and Hybrid company vehicles and replace them with 100% EV carbon-neutral models.

The first of the changes happened at the end of November when we replaced a VW Passat Plug-In Hybrid with the lasted generation of the BMW iX3 100% EV producing 0g/KM emissions.

Over the next 12 months, further cars will be replaced with fully electric models when their contracts end.  Future-proofing this move we have added 4 EV charging points and marked these out for the use of Electric vehicles only.



The reason for this commercial decision is to help half the Carbon footprint of the company cars over the next 5 years this is in line with a number of other changes which have already been implemented and changes that are in development.

For further information regards our Carbon Footprint and how we are looking to reduce our impact on the environment contact the QEHS team or speak to your sales contact.

Middle East project secured!

Cambridgeshire based rubber sealing gasket manufacturer VIP-Polymers has in recent months started supplying large diameter sealing gasket contracts secured in Qatar. The contracts won are in excess of £1m and still continue into 2016.


The predominantly DN1600 large “Tyton” sealing gaskets enable ductile iron pressure pipe to be joined enabling the transportation of both dirty and clean potable drinking water. VIP-Polymers are one of the only gasket manufacturers to hold potable water certification for temperatures up to 70 degrees – another factor which resulted in the contracts being successfully secured. 


The investment forms part of the major infrastructure project within Qatar as part of the 2022 World Cup programme which includes building 174 hotels, 12 stadiums, the spending of $4bn on the Qatar-Bahrain causeway and a further $20bn on the building and expansion of the road network. 


As a result of winning the contracts, VIP has invested a significant six-figure sum in manufacturing equipment including a new large bespoke compression moulding press. VIP is now capable of producing single piece moulded gaskets of up to DN2200.


VIP-Polymers managing director John Millar said “The machine comes with many benefits allowing us not only to increase our manufacturing capacity but to upgrade our capability. By investing in the latest technology we can ensure that we are able to continue to offer our customers the high level of quality and service they expect from us.”