Our sealing gaskets are used in a multitude of applications such as:

In addition, we manufacture rubber components for other industries such as:

Our products have been used inside marine and defence vehicles, for vehicle suspension and transmission systems, underneath generator sets on-board ships, on construction equipment and even on bridges and major civil engineering projects.

Indeed VIP-Polymers products may have a use on any piece of machinery that vibrates or where a degree of flexible movement is required.

VIP-Polymers have been producing rubber to metal bonded products for over 30 years, serving a diverse range of industries including civil engineering, instrumentation, automotive and pneumatic equipment.

Typical examples of such products are:

Mindful of the environmental impact of traditional solvent based bonding agents, VIP now produce the majority of components using water based systems. All emissions from this process can be contained and process media recycled, making it more environmentally friendly.